A musical mosaic of the most exciting and terrifying times of our lives
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Always and Totally Forever is a devised musical about teenagers. It’s a lament for what’s gone and a chaotic celebration of what’s to come. Sam Halmarack, Dan Canham and Olvia Winteringham have been working with young people to create a bewildering mosaic of the most exciting and terrifying times of our lives. We want an audience to feel the heightened emotions of teenagers:  lust, confusion and excitement first-hand. The music for the show will borrow everything from R&B to rave and J-pop.

We’ve been hanging out with young people: eating pizza and putting ourselves in awkward situations to start a conversation about what being a teenager feels like. We’re following the approach of research art group Mammalian Diving Reflex. The research strand currently involves:
the young people and team from the Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol.
mentorship of Darren O’Donnell, Artistic and Research Director of Mammalian Diving Reflex.



Why are we making it?
We want to mash together the sharing of experiences of teenagers and adults to see what happens when ideas of identity become blurred.
One of the things that first got us excited about the project was the frenetic video art of Ryan Trecartin which explores ideas of youth and sexuality presented as a hyperactive nightmare.

What next?

For further information:
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Always and Totally Forever is produced by MAYK and is funded by the Arts Council England and Bristol Old Vic.